Intercept online recruitment and advertisement to disrupt the Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) model

INTERCEPTED project aims to disrupt the digital model of THB by improving the digital capabilities of law enforcement and judicial authorities, focusing on two points for the disruption: recruitment and advertisement, taking into account that the methods used in terms of language, platforms, targets, and strategies vary according to the profiles of the victims and the type of exploitation.


Awareness of Trafficking Human Beings modus operandi among social media and website providers


Multi-agency response and public-private cooperation for the interception of criminals in the physical world

The project focuses its research and prevention activity in Central Europe and the Western Balkan route.

For a better understanding of the THB phenomenon and to keep abreast of trends from a technological and security point of view, INTERCEPTED includes cooperation between public actors and the private sector through the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to design and develop structured responses against online THB activities.

Intercepted Objetives
INTERCEPTED project aims to achieve five objectives directly related to the use of the Internet in Human Trafficking, which are:
INTERCEPTED seeks to achieve 5 objectives:
Raise awareness of the different ways the internet is used along the trafficking chain according to target victims’ profiles and types of exploitation
Design an early interception tool specifically targeting the recruitment of victims and advertisement of services
Enhance the capabilities of LEAs and Judiciary in public-private cooperation
through the planning of OSINT Targeted counter-THB Campaigns
Establish a common European mechanism for the detection and reporting of
suspected online recruitment or advertisement material, fostering strengthened multi-agency cooperation and rapid cross-border responses and ensuring successful use of digital evidence in court
Strengthen the digital capacities and knowledge base of law enforcement
Our partners
Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trieste, Italy (TSJudPol)
AGENFOR International Foundation (Italy)
Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (Spain)
Institute of Police and Security Research at Hochschule für (Germany)
Police of
The Center for Security Studies – Kentro Meleton Asfaleias – KEMEA (Greece)
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On the 6th of June, FUNDEA’s researcher Karen Latricia Hough, gave a lecture about fighting Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) via the protection of human rights, creation of awareness campaigns and empowerment of the THB survivors, within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting at the University of Granada.

As part of the INTERCEPTED project to disrupt the digital model of Trafficking in Human Beings (THB), the INTERCEPTED partners launched a call for tender for OSINT technical analysis or consultancy services. Full details can be found on the EU Tenders Website: Deadline for receipt of tenders: 23/05/2024 – 12:00:00 

The Council of Europe’s European Human Rights Training Program for Legal Professionals (HELP) has released a new version of its online anti-trafficking training course. This course is tailored to the learning needs of judges, prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other professionals involved in identifying and protecting victims of human trafficking. The course focuses on… Seguir leyendo Free online course on combating THB

The project, funded by the European Commission’s Internal Security Fund, has developed and analysed and applied Big Data and OSINT tools to combat and disrupt internet-based human trafficking networks, focusing on the roles played by the cyber environment in the trafficking chain.

On November 30, the Euro-Arab Foundation held the conference ‘Prevention, detection and intervention in situations of trafficking in minors under guardianship’, organized by the Andalusian Regional Government with the collaboration of the Euro-Arab Foundation and the INTERCEPTED project The conference was aimed at professionals who work with minors who may be victims of human trafficking.… Seguir leyendo Professional Conference on the Situation of Trafficking in Minors under Guardianship System

The Focus Group Meetings took place in Italy in Greece and Spain in November 2023. They were dedicated to exchange of ideas and practices